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campus card


Campus card is multifunctionalfrom basic identity data to the highest level of encoding function, it can use the personalized image design, able to quickly identify the student identity, prevent others enters the campus, to guarantee the students' personal safety. The coded data in the card can effectively manage the campus entrance guard in various places.

· Students  identification: Prove that he is the school students

· Restaurant: Suitable for all campus network, including canteen, self-service stores, etc
Payment: Used as E-wallet 
Borrow books:  from the university library
Registered to participate in sports activities
Access to restricted areas ( parking lots, buildings, classrooms etc.)

Choose "SEAORY "card printer to printing campus card 

· Printer is firm and reliable and easy to operation
· Making new card immediately when the cards were lost or stolen
· Seamless integration with existing IT systems
· A product with ability to encoding smart card include contact / contactless card, magnetic stripe card