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Non-regular Size Drop Glue RFID Card


Non-regular Size Drop Glue RFID Card is made of a variety of materials printed with surface-mounted crystal drop glue, It applies to member management, points, consumption system, card payment, product identification, school management, community management, access control attendance, identification, bus, etc. Can be customized to any pattern, colorful, vivid image. Drop glue card, is the ideal choice for corporate promotional activities, e.g. drop glue access key tags, drop glue VIP card, payment card, mobile phone pendant card, mobile phone sling card and many kinds of promotional drop glue card.

Available crafts:  4C offset printing, silkscreen printing , pad printing , series number printing. Support dozens of shapes and provide personalized customization. The shell is made of refined mold, internal sealed with RF card chip, filled with epoxy resin, through ultrasonic welding,  injection with high-level anti-corrosion & high temperature material .

The features of Non-regular Size Drop Glue RFID Card 
1.Its waterproof, corrosion-resistant characteristics by epoxy luster and brightness comparable to the crystal, also known as crystal card, can be widely used in Souvenir card, VIP card.
2.Seaory drop glue IC card can be made into various Shapes, 
Its performance are same with the normal IC card.
3.To do the frequency range: LF(125Khz), HF(13.56Mhz), UHF(915Mhz)
4. Seaory drop glue IC card applications: bus commemorative cards, membership cards, access control cards, attendance cards, parking cards.